8 comments on “Painting Miniatures By Stages – A Method

  1. i keep a pot of goblin green on hand just for retro basing 😉

    im very tempted to retro base dark imperium as the last 40k boxset i bought was 2nd edition, and well would be a bit of fun 😉

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  3. Really liking the finished effect there. Bravo. Not a fan of flock, but it works there. The highlight stage really makes it jump out.

  4. It’s really quite a simple process when you see it written down like this. Also, by doing this multiple times, stage-by-stage would be a great way to get a whole squad (or team, in this case) done. Batch painting and all.

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  6. Nice work! I have a question about “For example, over Mephiston Red, for down facing edges use Evil Sunz Scarlet, and Fire Dragon Bright on the upward facing edges to represent light hitting them.” Didn’t quite follow that…do you mean the edges that are facing the bottom of the model get a highlight of Evil Sunz? I couldn’t tell from the picture of the model.

    • Thanks! So, yeah. I tend to highlight all the red edges with Evil Suns, and then any upward facing edges get a highlight of FDB over that, to represent light coming down from above and hitting those edges that face it. I hope that clears it up.

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