10 comments on “Know Your Necromunda – The Gangs Of The Underhive

  1. Loved this game back in the day – it was the first boxed game I bought a share of! Back then I was a die-hard Orlock player, and I’ve always tended back towards that, though who knows what I’ll go for when the new game comes out – there’s only one thing for certain, it won’t be the Goliaths (incidentally they remind me most of the bad guys from Mad Max 2).

    I could certainly be tempted by the Escher though!

      • Not as such, no, though I do have a couple of Cadian Squads and some chimeras in a box somewhere, and I have previously started a guard force that got dropped due to time/money constraints, so you’re not standing outside the ball park in the rain.

  2. Cant wait to get my hands on the new necromunda, much like you at one point i had a gang for just about each faction bar goliath always hated the sculpts and how many times did you ever play against anyone whose goliath gang wasnt all of the terrible plastic sculpts in the starter box, the one time i did it was against a GW shop manager!

    Cant wait to see what a modern sculpted spyrer looks like, although i could probably kitbash a callidus assassin and the wings from a flying sigmarine and be half way there ;), and the redemptionists would make for a valuable source of bits for dark mech conversions

    • Ha! Oddly enough I was just writing something very similar about the Spyrers for my next article on the subject. That should be coming soon. And I know what you mean – I can’t wait either.

      • heresy that it is, i always had more fun in the side games of the 41st millenium than 40k it self, its probably 10:1 the number of space hulk, necromunda, gorka morka games ive played vs 40k; BFG and Inquisitor passed me by though.

        Im really hoping that they add some good cult rules, as it would be a lot of fun to have proper chaos cults dedicated to a god or combined, genestealer cults, machine cults and redemptionists (not that im thinking my juves would get one hell of a boost if they manage to take a demon or hybrid out ;)) along with arbites and inquisitors.

        Plus a lot of the rather good “tales from the underhive” short stories you used to get in inferno would hopefully get a compendium

  3. Had all metal Goliaths, still do actually. They didn’t sell last year when I put them up, but then neither did the orlocks. Yet the Delaque and Van Seer did.

    That being said with the new edition looming redemption or ratskins will be my plan.

  4. I have a bunch of Eschers and Delaques, and a handful of others, but they’ve mostly just seen table time as Chaos Cultists in 40K. I recently got a good deal on a large lot of second-hand Eschers, and had been thinking about using them as an Astra Militarum Kill Team in Shadow War.

    Definitely with you on wanting more female sculpts for more factions. And, honestly, vice-versa. Having so many of the Factions gender-segregated makes for boring painting and feels like lazy writing.

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