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Hello and welcome to the home of the My Life In Miniatures podcast! On this page you will find information on the series, the guests and their lives in the hobby. I might change how this page looks at some point, but this whole podcast thing is all new to me so we’ll see how it all goes, and if it needs changing, that’ll happen.

Season 3 – Episode 1: Chris Peach

Season 3: Episode 1 – Chris Peach |

You can find Peachy on Youtube at The Painting Phase and on Instagram too. In the first episode of Season 3, I’m talking to Peachy about his time at GW, his adoration of army painting and making it easier, bringing Sharpe to the tabletop (for pity’s sake!) and various varieties of stormtroopers and wookies. My waffle lasts around 10 minutes and then it’s on with the show!

Season 3 – Episode 2: Kathryn Crowell aka Chaos Chic

Season 3: Episode 2 – Kathryn Crowell aka Chaos Chic |

You can find Kathryn on Instagram and I do encourage you to give her a follow. After a few minutes of waffle from me, I’ll be talking to Kathryn about the origins of Chaos Chic, Eldrad’s Technicolour Rune-cloak, Dusty Boi Dreadnoughts, Synth-tastic Dark Eldar, and a lot more (with a particular focus on the heretical side of things).

Season 3 – Episode 3: Josh, The Crown Of Command Podcast

Season 3: Episode 3 – Josh Van Z, Crown Of Command |

This week, I’m talking to Josh from The Crown of Command podcast. You can find Josh on Instagram, search for the Crown of Command on Spotify or Youtube, and find the Facebook and Discord groups he looks after too. In this episode, after I waffle on for 7 minutes, we talk about many Marauder Miniatures, how hobbies are healthy, painting High Elves, and much much more.

Season 3 – Episode 4: Emma Svensson

Season 3: Episode 4 – Emma Svensson |

This week, after almost 9 minutes of my waffle, I’m talking to Emma Svensson who you might know as Dice n’ Demons on both Instagram and Youtube. We discuss rainbow dreadnoughts, technicolour (and wobbly) orks, massive dragons and much more besides. Enjoy!

Season 2 – Episode 1: Richard Gray

Episode 1 – Richard Gray |

You can find Richard Gray at Richard Gray Creations and Patreon/Richard Gray on the web, and if you’re looking for him on social media, you can find him @daemonrich on both Twitter and Instagram. In this bumper episode to kick of season 2, I waffle on for about 8:30 and then there’s a great chat with myself and Rich about his life in minis. We talk old boxes, big robots, massive tanks and his Mortarion among other things. it’s great to be back, and I hope you enjoy the episode!

Season 2 – Episode 2: Josh, Fresh Prince of Biel Tan

Episode 2 – Josh, Fresh Prince of Biel Tan |

You can find Josh on his wonderfully positive Twitter and Instagram channels. In this, the second episode of the second season, Josh and I discuss how a Chaos army can really get under your skin, how big Orks can help the world, and why the Stormcast Eternals become champions of representation in the hobby, and much more. Here’s a link to the article we talk about in the show – You can paint them however you like. Enjoy!

Season 2 – Episode 3: Spencer, from SpensPainting

Episode 3 – Spencer from SpensPainting |

You can find Spencer on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram by following these links! In this episode, I talk to the delightful Spencer about his affinity to the Golden Boys of the Imperium (both varieties), tiny bugs, brand new Heresy, and a great deal more. We also discuss streaking (the grimy kind) and the joys of being a Youtuber. Enjoy!

Season 2 – Episode 4: Darcy Bono

Episode 4 – Darcy Bono |

You can find Darcy on Twitter and Instagram – be sure to check out her links too! I waffle on for about 7 minutes at the start but then we’re straight into our chat about everything from Tron-themed Tau to frosty Orruks, and from the lure of Lizards, to how painting can help if you’re a new mother. There’s lots more too in this episode of My Life in Miniatures. Enjoy!

Season 2 – Episode 5: Tyler Mengel

Episode 5 – Tyler Mengel |

In this week’s episode, after 8 minutes of me rambling, we’re talking to Tyler Mengel about his life in Miniatures. You can find Tyler over on Instagram and Twitter, and by heading to his own website too. We talk about new and old Ultramarines, Tyler’s role as the Custodian of the Endless Desert, and lots of Nurgle and Undead goodness, plus much more in this bumper episode.

Season 2 – Episode 6: Bobbie from Violet Sun

Episode 6 – Bobbie, from VioletSun |

In this week’s episode, after the customary 8 minute ramble from me, we’ll be talking to one of my good friends and fellow HATE club alum, Bobbie. You can follow her on Twitter, or check out her reviews on Youtube, all of which are filled with hobby positivity and knowledge. In this week’s episode, we talk about many flavours of Space Marine (old and new), tiny titans, and a surprise Italian battleship, plus lots more.

Season 2 – Episode 7: Doug from 2+Tough

Episode 7 – Doug, 2+Tough |

In this week’s episode, I ramble on for a good 13 minutes, mainly about Golden Demon, before getting to my chat with Doug from the Youtube channel 2+Tough. You can also catch Doug on Twitter too and he is well worth a follow. This week, I talk to Doug all about old and new Warmachine, something very big and green, an ancient horror rising from the deeps, and much more besides. Enjoy!

Season 2 – Episode 8: Em (Electriceve)

Episode 8 – Em (Electriceve) |

In this week’s episode, after a standard 8ish minute ramble from me, I talk to Emma, who you may know as Electriceve from Twitch, Twitter and Instagram, about the busts and toy soldiers that have helped to shape her life and career in the hobby. We discuss potentially-pokemon-inspired daemons, many forms of Aeldari (and their preferred times of day), new Death Guard and sad fairytales, as well as much much more on this episode. Enjoy!

Season 2 – Episode 9: Mamikon

Episode 9 – Mamikon |

In this week’s episode, after a fairly rambling 9.5 minute intro from me, I’m talking to Mamikon who you can find on Instagram and Twitter under the handle MamikonPaints, about his life in miniatures. We discuss Mamikon’s enjoyment of power armour, the odd things that can motivate us in the hobby, the benefits of painting busts, and much more. Enjoy!

Season 2 – Episode 10: Matt, The Golden Demon Compendium

Episode 10 – Matt, The Golden Demon Compendium |

In the grand finale to season 2, I’m talking to Matt from the Golden Demon Compendium, who you can find on Twitter and Instagram. We talk about his earliest attempts at Space Marines, and with Golden Demon mere weeks away from its return to the UK, we talk about Matt’s passion for this competition, from his earliest entries, to what he’s working on for this year’s competition. And as this is the last episode in Season 2, I spend some time in the outro reminiscing about the last 10 episodes. See you again for Season 3!

The Intro Episode

In this quick ramble, I’ll tell you what you need to know about the upcoming show, you’ll hear a classic Nottingham Police Siren ruin the recording, and I only swear once! Check it out right here:

My Life In Miniatures – An Introduction | Podcasting

Season 1 – Episode 1: Kris Belleau

Episode 1 – Kris Belleau | Podcasting

You can find Kris at or on his awesome Youtube channel where you can see many of the things we’re talking about. You can also hang out with him on twitch. We talk Space Hulk, Aeldari, Warmahordes and a lot more. Kris starts talking around 10:10 (if you want to skip my waffle). This podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts (though Google seems to take longer). Enjoy!

Season 1 – Episode 2: Henry Steele

Episode 2 – Henry Steele | Podcasting

You can find Henry at or doing tutorial videos on Youtube where you’ll also find the Culture of Paint weekly show (which comes very much recommended by me). In this episode we go right back to lead Orks and Chaos Renegades, through Golden Demon winning Super-Heavy Tanks, and we discuss what it means to be proud of a miniature, as well as much, much more. My intro waffle stops around the 6 minute mark with this one, so if you want to get straight to Henry and I chatting, aim for that region. This podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify – just search for My Life In Miniatures.

Season 1 – Episode 3: Tankpot Zoe

Episode 3 – Tankpot Zoe | Podcasting

You can find Zoe on Twitch, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram – just search for TankpotZoe! In this episode, we discuss a lot of Orks and Aeldari. From multiple grav tanks, to a chocolate-box-Stompa, from Signar Warjacks to a trio of Harlequins, and much, much more. You can also find this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify – just search for My Life In Miniatures. If you just want to hear my chat with Zoe, you can skip to the 8 minute mark when my introductory waffle ends.

Season 1 – Episode 4: Sasha Bilton

Episode 4 – Sasha Bilton | Podcasting

You can find Sasha at and also on Instagram at Illusionary Terrain where you can see all the amazing terrain and 3D printed pieces he’s helping to create these days. In this podcast, we talk about pre-Warhammer Citadel and Grenadier Games from the early 1980s, we chat about T’au and the joys of posing battlesuits, and there’s a fair chunk about an evil worm too, and much more! My rambled intro stops at 9:38 so if you just want to get straight to our chat, you can skip ahead.

Season 1 – Episode 5: Crystal McDoll

Episode 5 – Crystal McDoll | Podcasting

You can find Crystal on her wonderful Twitch channel and follow her on Twitter: @CrystalMcDoll where you will find a wonderful collection of fun and colourful projects and miniatures. In this week’s podcast, we talk about Crystal’s love of Blood Bowl, the representation of women in the hobby, giant dragons and their intimidatory ways, and of course, we talk a lot about Squigs – Crystal is the “Mother of Squigs” after all! You can skip ahead to around the 10 minute mark if you don’t want to listen to my waffly intro, and our chat will start shortly after that.

Season 1 – Episode 6: Monk Widget

Episode 6 – Monk Widget |

You can find Monk on Youtube, Instagram and you can check out one of his greatest inventions (we talk about it in the show) at We’ll be talking about the forgotten names of ancient space marines, the first Alpha Legionnaire, some fishy squigs and upscaling rust effects! You can skip over my hungover intro by heading to the 7ish minute mark – my chat with Monk starts around then. And we do start by talking about how cats like to kill things, so if you’re squeamish, maybe skip to 10 minutes in. 😉

Season 1 – Episode 7: Pete Harrison

Episode 7 – Pete Harrison |

You can find Pete at his wonderful and super-helpful Youtube Channel – Pete The Wargamer. In this episode, Pete and I will be running through his life in miniatures, including chats about Goblins in the mines, festive Greenskins, the everlasting allure and charm of Bretonnians, and how Pete seems to really like turning Imperial Fists into Heretics. I waffle on for a full 10 minutes at the start of this episode, so feel free to skip to that mark where my chat with Pete begins!

Season 1 – Episode 8: Greg Dann

Episode 8 – Greg Dann |

This week on My Life In Miniatures, we’re talking about a Mierce Minis Manticore, Grey Hunters from yesteryear, the best primarch and a giant robot! Catch Greg on his podcasts The Imperial Truth (for Horus Heresy) and Full Stride (for Adeptus Titanicus) right here. Both are available at all good podcast retailers. My waffle come to the end around the 7 minute mark and I lie massively about posts and picture that never happened too! Enjoy 🙂

Season 1 – Episode 9: Chrissie

Episode 9 – Chrissie |

In this episode of My Life In Miniatures, I’m chatting with Chrissie who I very much recommend you follow on Twitter for all of her hobby positivity and good vibes. After about 5 minutes of me rambling and explaining why this episode took so long to get out, Chrissie and I chat about a bird named Hugo, a praying mantis, lots of lizards! All of this is of course very hobby focussed – we’re not just talking about animals here!

Season 1 – Episode 10: Sam Lenz

Episode 10 – Sam Lenz |

In the grand finale of Season 1 of My Life In Miniatures, I talk to the legendarily awesome Sam Lenz. You can check out Sam on Youtube and support him on Patreon if you feel so inclined. We had a great chat about the miniatures that have meant the most to Sam through his illustrious career, and we cover his love of critters, turning nature into art, using strange materials, and many of his competition-winning entries. Along with much more, at the end of the podcast, I wrap up season 1 and give you an idea of what’s coming in season 2. Also, if you want to see some of the entries we’re talking about, you can find many of them here. Enjoy, and thanks for listening to season 1!