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Emperors Thirst

The light of the astronomicon enables us to see more of the hobby than ever before, and by its guiding light, directed through this page, I would like to guide you to some of my favourite sites…

Six amazing and supremely talented painters from around the world, each with very different styles. Lots of WIPS, showcases, reviews and more.

My buddy, Henry South, has his own blog and it’s full of his brilliant creations. He’s a demon with an airbrush and sells plenty of his work too, as well as taking occasional commissions.

Crawling with amazing models from 40k and other systems and companies, there’s always fresh awesomeness to enjoy.

My pinterest board! I stick up lots of great models and illustrations that I find across the internet and try and give credit to all of them.

News, reviews, rumours, arguments and reactions to all things Hobby-related.

More news, reviews, rumours, arguments and reactions to all things Hobby-related.

Shay O’Shea’s archive of great paint-jobs from around the internet is always being updated. Great for inspiration.

Great for painting and conversion commissions, their store and portfolio is drool-worthy.

Lots of video battle reports with plenty of banter and more. Painting tips too.

Really nice personal hobby Blog from Dean Kelly with lots of painting and battle reports to enjoy.

Lots of very cool conversions and paint jobs to be found here.

Bat Reps, painting, wise thoughts and much more.

Lots of conversions, painting, discussion for you to enjoy.

Another ‘returner’ to 40k who blogs about his projects and m0re.

An exceptionally talented miniature painter who occasionally works with 40k models and much, much more.

Home of the best 40k Community on Google+ where you’ll regularly see updates from me and a lot of great guys and gals too.

Lots of Chaos goodness and exceptional painting.

All sorts of hobby related articles and some especially impressive Astral Claws.

news, editorials, forums and so much more.

lots of inspiring ideas for painting and conversions, plus lots more besides.

Some of the most inspired miniature conversion projects around.

If you’re a fan of She Who Thirsts, you need this blog in your life.

Some great painting and modelling going on.

Great for terrain and airbrushing and lots of other things for the hobby.

You want Chaos? This is Chaos. Cool conversions, ideas and painting going on.

Fluff, photos and ideas to inspire your hobbying

Interviews, ideas, sculpting, painting and more.


More will be added when the Emperor’s light falls upon them

3 comments on “the best of the net

  1. Yours is my favorite 40K blog at present. Interesting articles, but more importantly, so well written. You are obviously very intelligent (and you know your 40k fluff – unlike me – I’ve never even played a game…but I love the imagery and imagination of this other world). If you ever decide to write lexicanum style stuff I’d gladly link my images to it.

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