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Emperors Thirst

The light of the astronomicon enables us to see more of the hobby than ever before, and by its guiding light, directed through this page, I would like to guide you to some of my favourite sites…


A Tale of Painters 

Six amazing and supremely talented painters from around the world, each with very different styles. Lots of WIPS, showcases, reviews and more.

The Convertorum 

Some of the most inspired miniature conversion projects around. Johan is incredibly talented and while he doesn’t post as often as he once did, when he does, it’s wonderful.

St Andrews Wargming 

Quite the grand doyen of mini blogs these days, you’ll always find good hobby here. An institution worth following.

Iron Sleet

Very much a legendary blog, especially within the Blanchitsu scene. You will fidn the best conversions and paint jobs here, so I urge you to take a look.


Another grand old institution of miniature blogs this one. Good hobby that just doesn’t seem to stop.


The Golden Demon Compendium 

Want to get yourself a Demon? This is the ideal account to follow as it only follows and shows off work from previous Golden Demon winners. It’s a great showcase and I’m so happy this account exists.

 Senasuke Painter 

I may not be able to read Japanese, but I know an awesome miniature when I see one and Senasuke paints with a fantastic freedom that bursts with colour. She creates Mind-blowingly enjoyable work, and plenty of big robots too.

Legalized Mischief 

Colin is a hobby machine. He can paint with the best of them, convert everything, and he picked the name “Legalized Mischief” which I love and i wish I’d thought of first. An inspiring dose of hobby goodness for sure.

Grimdark Space Cnt 

David Moss is a master of bonkers things. From his terrifying circus themed blood bowl team to his unique take on conversions, he seems like the hobbyist that other hobbyists should fear, but in a good way. Top, top work.

Seyni N’diaye 

Seyni is one of my favourite painters and from his Carcharadons to his West African inspired Ad Mech, his work is phenomenal and I can’t sing his praises enough.


Mikal here specialises in recreating John Blanche illustrations in miniature form. If that doesn’t excite you enough to follow him, nothing will.

David Gallagher Art 

Not only is this a slice of Warhammer gold, but Dave’s wonderful descriptions of his work really help to give you an idea of what life as an illustrator must be like. Legendary stuff.

Toilets With Threatening Auras 

This has absolutely nothing to do with miniatures, board games or anything. It just makes me laugh a lot.

Youtube Channels

Shut Up & Sit Down 

Still my all time favourite Youtube Channel about Boardgames. They folks here are overflowing with knowledge, they present the games in such a fair light, and they’re just the most fun people to watch. I buy a lot of games off the strength of their reviews.

Sam Lenz Artwork 

A legendary painter who now bestows upon us regular wisdom with a dash of death metal. Fantastic videos on some really strong painting techniques.

Pete The Wargamer 

Pete will show you how to do things well. Easy to follow techniques that produce great results, these painting tutorials are an invaluable resource for the community.

Cult of Paint 

From their wonderful fortnightly chat sessions where they take a look at the hobby in wonderful details, to the excellent array of painting tutorials (especially, though not exclusively, for army painting), this is a great channel to subscribe to.

Lyle Mev – The Mini Witch 

Lyla’s videos are bursting with tips that come from both classic and contemporary miniature painting. There’s a wonderful smoothness to her work and, personally, I love when her adorable cats interrupt her videos. Lots of inspiration to be found here.

Watch It Played 

The legendary most useful channel in boardgaming. Rodney will walk you through the rules of the game better than anyone, giving clear guidance and advice. This makes teaching and learning games so much easier. Thanks, Rodney!

Arbitor Ian 

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this channel goes. At the time of writing, it’s still really new, but I love the oldhammer campaign and quick, easy to follow lore videos too. 

Kris Belleau 

You may remember Kris from his days at MiniWarGaming and if you haven’t followed him to his own Youtube channel, you’re missing out. Very chilled, enjoyable discussions and tutorials from a true master.

Sword n Steele 

Naomi is just great. She always calls out anything I have in White Dwarf and says she likes it, so she’s aces in my book, but she also gives honest, enthusiastic and friendly reviews of so many things, and she’s got some serious hobby chops too. 

More will be added when the Emperor’s light falls upon them

3 comments on “Who to Follow

  1. Yours is my favorite 40K blog at present. Interesting articles, but more importantly, so well written. You are obviously very intelligent (and you know your 40k fluff – unlike me – I’ve never even played a game…but I love the imagery and imagination of this other world). If you ever decide to write lexicanum style stuff I’d gladly link my images to it.

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