19 comments on “Space Marine Chapter Name Generator

  1. Love it, and as for the Night Talons, they sound great! I feel they may be teetering on the edge of heresy though, with a reputation for savagery and unrelenting fury.

    Damnit, now I’m gonna have to do a chaos army, haha!

  2. Heck yeah, Avenging Wolves! The Ashen Wyverns aren’t quite as cool, but still not bad.

    For extra variety, you could use the last letter of each of your names if you like.

  3. Hmmm… that gives me the Pious Skulls. There’s something very 40k about that, even if it doesn’t quite sound right as a name it’s definitely in keeping with the setting. The Putrid Sons would soon deal with them though! (And who’d mess with Da Pain Skabz?)

  4. Father Nurgle provides for the Rotting Eyes – nice fit for my Plague Marines.

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  6. I came here trying to figure out a name for my Blood Angels and I got Red Angels, too close so I’ll try something else, but for chaos got Rotting Axes, which is an awesome name and now I want to make a nurgle army

  7. I’m liking this, for my Legion, the Jade Hawks seems to fit them rather well for their expertise in fast attack, airborne assault, and long range artillery

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