9 comments on “Old School Eavy Metal Photos – Why I Fell In Love With 40k

  1. That Howling Griffon army was amazing. I remember staring at it for ages and thinking how mental it was that someone had managed to paint all those things that well. I remember a lot of these pictures though and its funny that a lot of your comments sit so well.

  2. I remember, when I was young my mom’s bought to me the #1 White Dwarf with the 2nd Edition metallic Blood Angels marines (‘Eavy metal inside), all sceneries inside this book, models are just awesome, and inspire me again nowadays.

  3. These are the exact same things that got me into 40K all those years ago. Specifically that White Dwarf issue with the massive tank battle. That sticks in my mind as the best battle report I’ve ever read, it might be tainted by massive nostalgia but I still have dreams of a large tank army.

    Thanks for bringing all those amazing memories back. Models are so much better these days, but the old ones will always have a special place in my heart 🙂

  4. Yeah that blood Angels pic was definitely my favourite and I spent hours looking at it lol

  5. Ah yes. I spent so many hours just looking at those pictures and handing over my paper round money happily, sharing those same aspirations.

  6. I feel the exact same way about the pictures. I still have my second edition books and try to base my colour schemes of those:)

  7. Love these old paint schemes! Both the Alaitoc Eldar (one of my current armies,) and The Blood Angels Marines; my brother’s army , which consists of a lot of these models pictured here.

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