about heresy and heroes

And so it has come to this. I have created a blog to document my adventures, efforts and achievements in The Hobby. Let me tell you who I am and why I am doing this.

A long time ago, a friend of mine, Henry (who runs 4gotowar.blogspot.co.uk), introduced me to 40k when I was about nine or so. It was the Good Ol’ Days of 2nd Edition. Vortex Grenades were up, Autocannon Gretchin were down, and the Tau were still neolithic Fish-people waiting to be discovered on their backwater world. It was a simpler time.

Games Workshop had a store in Reading, Berkshire (they still do, though it’s moved a couple of times since those days). Back then it was in a street called Cheapside which was the best street ever. It had a GW, Escape (a comic book shop), Blockbuster video, the Odeon cinema and a place that did amazing burgers (I think it was called Joe’s). If you were a geeky kid back then, there was no, and will be no better street ever.

I was a typical kid-gamer. I bought whatever looked cool that my pocket money would stretch to. I slapped a load of paint onto it and almost entirely neglected to read the rule books (what? The pictures were cool enough). I bought Swooping Hawks, Ogryns, Catachans and a lot of Chaos Space Marines. I dabbled in Brettonians and Skaven, and Epic Space Marines too. I bought a lot of stuff and basically ruined it with thick layers of badly applied paint, but boy, did I love it.

Well, by the time I was about 13 or 14, I had amassed about 8000 points of Emperor’s Children (including ‘rebel Eldar’ that happened before Dark Eldar existed, and ‘renegade guard’ too). I had three blood bowl teams, three necromunda gangs and a lot of bits had been put towards my GorkaMorka force (I even had a dragster made from the chassis of a Rock Lobba which was so awesome). And then I discovered girls and rugby, and neither really meshed well with The Hobby. So I gave it up, sold it all at car boot sales and spent my time concentrating on snogging girls (not enough) and fighting boys in the mud over a ball (too much).

And GW kind of slipped out of my life. I didn’t need it anymore. Despite the fluff which had spent five years burrowing itself into my head, I forgot all about it.

Flash forward to a couple of years ago. I’m 27 or 28, living in London, working in digital marketing with two degrees and a couple of grey hairs going for me. I was home for Christmas and popped round to see my friend Henry (the same one as before) who was also seeing his family in the traditional festive manner. After watching some TV and drinking a little, he says ‘come upstairs, I need to show you something in my bedroom’. Now, we’re both a little old for latency, both confirmed heterosexuals and so I was fairly confident that he wasn’t going to try and kiss me or anything, but nevertheless, it was a strange preposition. I ascended the stairs with trepidation.

Thankfully, the thing he had to show me in his room was his Ultramarines army. He’d got out of the hobby (though dabbled in it a little more over the years) at a similar time to me and now he was back into it. As I recall, it was 10 Terminators, five Sternguard, a drop-pod, a Land Raider and Marneus Calgar. All painted very well. I was impressed, but I resisted the idea of getting back into painting myself.

Then, a few months later, I was bored, a little tired of life and without a girlfriend. I happened to be in Fitzrovia (in between the Euston Road and Oxford Street) and recalled that a GW existed in the Oxford Street Plaza. I popped in. I came out with a bunch of paints, some Chaos Space Marines, a Land Raider and a Daemon Prince. Just as I had done 20 years before, I legged it over to Henry’s House and we unboxed the minis (that’s what she said – I know!) and talked fluff. The rest, as Kairos Fateweaver has decreed, is history.

For the last couple of years, I have been painting and gaming and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m getting the hang of rules in a way I never managed when I was a kid. My tactics improve with each game and my painting and modelling are coming along too. And that’s what this blog is going to be about. Everything, all of it, and some more between. I also do a little writing and a bit of my fluff-fiction might pop up here too.

Anyway, this has gone on long enough. Enjoy the blog. Let me know what you think of it if you’d like – always open to constructive criticism.

I also have another blog: londonpubblog.com where I indulge in my other passion – going to pubs and drinking nice beer. Please check it out.

=][= Speak now, for the Emperor demands your wisdom =][=

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