3 comments on “Salute 2016 Review

  1. Salute was fricken awesome have to say, there were some excellent entries in the painting competition really liked the blood angel terminator squad on display, along with the Seige Studio’s (3 to the left of Angel Heraldez’s stand) blood angel shelf in the display case…

    Too many awesome things to pick a single highlight, although snagging dungeon saga for £30 was probably my blag of the day 😉

    • As for pubs, found the “the pub” (as its imaginativly called) underneath the Ibis Style hotel just by the DLR station to be the least worst of a bad bunch, and did a cracking burger and chips for £8…

    • Thought id add a different angle on that massive halo ship

      And quite liked the blood angel termies in the painting competition, nice and crisp with to my mind the best of old and new style BA paint styles on display.

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