6 comments on “10 Things To Love About Space Marines

  1. Hear hear, I particularly agree with your point about guns. It’s not just space marines though. Clearly things like bolters, assault cannons and plasma guns are iconic images from the marine armoury, and are some of my personal favourites in the game. GW however instinctively gets guns right (well, they do these days, I wouldn’t say the same about early boltguns or whatever that thing is the 30th anniversary mini is carrying). Anyone who knows me in any way will know that one of the reasons I’m not tempted to pick up infinity is because they don’t get this point, yes it’s true that rules sell models, but for me you can have the best rules in the world, but if I don’t want to paint it, I’m not interested.

    Three cheers for the bolter! Hip hip, hurrah! Hip hip, hurrah! Hip hip, HURRAH!

  2. Great post mate. Are
    You going to purchase the limited addition imperial space marine?
    I like the conversation between the Sgt and Captain of the blood Angels. That Sgt deserves a bolt straight to the temple of his head. Ha!

    • haha – yeah, it was a fun bit of dialogue to write. 😉 And yes, I’m definitely going to get the ltd ed Marine. Will make a good BA character for my Heresy army!

      • I’m tempted to put him in the death company (as i haven’t started a 30k force yet…) with a bit of a fluffy backstory saying he thought he was still fighting in the great crusade, following his near death experience at Armageddon in Tycho’s company, who has been driven (more) insane by succumbing to the black rage, so now he’s a warrior of the 41st millenium who thinks he’s in the 31st, struggling to accept the one-two punch of a) that there was a heresy and b) sanguinius is dead!

  3. Pretty much hit the nail on the head for me, would be interesting to see if we get a massive new chapter paint scheme poster in the WD that comes out on the 16th, hope to pick up a 30th aniversary mini, think he would look rather spiffing leading my “lost in the warp squad” collection of old mini’s, beats there other purpose of being objective markers in custom spacehulk missions…

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