3 comments on “My Horus Heresy Top 5 – The 30k Novels I Love To Read

  1. Out of the three of the 5 I have actually read … they were some of my favourites
    But I’d put the first three into top slot really, as they follow on nicely setting the scene

    Know No Fear I liked for portraying the Ultramarines in a positive and strong light – as they do get a lot of stick for being the ‘Poster Boys’ for so long!!

  2. I really enjoyed the unremembered empire and have a weird habbit of jumping around the series a bit. Betrayer is my favorite of the series though. The kinship between Kharn and Argal Tal is so good. There’s a lot of emotion in the book and it makes me feel really bad about how the world eaters came to be, sadness for both Kharn and Angron. Really good change of perspective

  3. Everyone has their favourites but I suspect that Dan Abnett will appear on most people’s lists. For mine I would represent Graham McNeill with Mechanicum and use the fifth spot for Swallow’s Flight of the Eisenstein. I agree with your reading approach, I like being eclectic too.

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