10 comments on “Know Your Necromunda: Part 2 – More Inhabitants Of The Underhive

  1. Im really hoping for plastic redemptionists, not only do they make for great imperial agents in 40k i really want to combine them with some stealer cultists to make an unholy 4 armed emperor fire cult!!!

    That and some lost skitari/cult of mars, tasked with keeping some essential system the upper hive relies upon functional, could make for fun narrative games, i.e. make them able to activate terrain like a massive fan/mincer which can suck unlucky gangers through or retract walkways 😉

    Another scenario im excited to play is as a lone spyrer who has to survive long enough to make it to their wargear, if you have played arkham city where for the first few missions you play as bruce wayne before the batwing drops the batsuit off, that could be a lot of fun 😀

    • Nice ideas! I just want to be able to use my Slaaneshi Mech cult in the Underhive, looking for some ancient sinister relic. Can’t wait for this game to be released now!

      • Ohhh that sounds fun, im wondering how much terrain we will get in the box… damn it GW release it already!!! 😀

      • I’m not sure about how much, but I doubt there’ll be anything new. I imagine we’ll get some of the Shadow War pieces, and that’s about it. And I bet the prices of the old cardboard kit with plastic bulkheads has shot up on ebay since this was announced!

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  3. Dude. I’d somehow never seen that Blanche pic of the Orrus Spyrer. Now I want to make one with crab claws like that!

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