8 comments on “Pickle Rick in the 41st Millennium!

  1. This just made my week! I’M PICKLE RIIIIICK!

    “Can you move? Can you fly?โ€
    โ€œWouldn’t be much of a pickle if I did.โ€

  2. I would like to buy that model or have one made. Pickles for the Pickle God!!!

    • Hey, man. That’s very nice of you to say so, and I’m thrilled that you like it, but I wouldn’t sell him and I doubt I would have the patience to ever make another. It took me three days to knock him out, and I don’t think I could part with him though. But you can make your own – it’s a little bit of pickle shaped green stuff and some staples. A raid of the bots biz and some liquid green stuff to finish, and then it’s just all the fiddly painting. If you’ve got the time and patience, you’re more than welcome to use the crazy rules. Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

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