8 comments on “New Necromunda – What’s In The Box

  1. I’m on board with everything bar the lack of scenery. If they’d not discontinued the SW:A boxes before they were reasonably available it wouldn’t be so bad, but the new multi-level scenery seems made for Necro (because it probably was), and not having some bundled in the box at starter-set prices is disappointing. Not having a well-priced scenery bundle to go alongside it is also quite disappointing.

    • I know what you mean. But who knows – maybe we’ll get some scenery deals come November. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of interested parties when the game finally drops. Fingers crossed.

      • Yeah, I’m hopeful (but not expectant) that there’ll be some kind of terrain bundle to go with it, or for Christmas release. Or both, given the timeframe.

  2. Sweet, im not to bothered by the lack of terrain, as im not that impressed with the new 40k modular terrain stuff, the prices just dont stack up compared to what you can get for the same price with laser cut mdf, there are loads of people on ebay making awesome multi level gantries and stuff for infinity, never mind all the goodies from 4ground, ttcombat and custom meeple. And as i just bought a desktop vinyl cutter i can feed plasticard into i can see myself printing gantries in the near future 😀

  3. My thoughts are more or less “AWWWW YISSS!” XD

    The Sector Mechanicus stuff, not to mention all the third-party stuff available now, is enough better than the old cardboard terrain that I don’t mind that lack, but I do still wish that those bulkheads were available. You can do some pretty cool stuff with those and some plasticard.

  4. I think those cardboard Zone Mortalis boards look absolutely great. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. (They will most definitely be sold separately on EBay.)

  5. Holding my breath until I see what other gangs come out with it. Ratskins or redemtionists for me!

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