16 comments on “A New Xenos: Part 1 – It Came From Within…

  1. One species who could return would be brainboyz….
    Which would be awesome as it gives necrons an enemy contemporary to when they had bodies, the eldar get schooled by a truly old species, orks could become regimented, with orks as we know and love playing the savage ork role, with brainboy backed orks being something inbetween guard and skaven in fantasy to playlike, and we could see that the tau ethereals are actually the vanguard for their return, and once back they can have FTL without the warp for a massive tau expansion, and lets say they play a role similar to the navigators in Prometheus and that nids are actually one of their bio weapons…

    Its no sillier than squats, and does a lot to drive all the xenos species forward with nothing to do with the 10000 years of imperium v chaos tedium

    • A nice idea! Bit of a huge shake up so I wouldn’t expect to see it any time soon (if at all) but it does lead to some interesting dynamics going on. I like it!

      • yeah its not going to happen, but would be great if it did lol, if we get a new xenos species would have thought predators would be the least covered scifi trope in 40k right now…

  2. How about this for an idea? The tyranids aren’t out searching for biomass to consume, but are in fact fleeing something? Hideous I know!

    • Great thought, but wouldn’t whatever is chasing the Tyranids have to be seriously OP? I quite like the idea of a species from the next galaxy over that was almost entirely destroyed by the Tyranids and is now just a few small fleets of desperate, embittered fighters who have developed some fun tricks and crazy weapons to fight the Nids. Not so much what the Tyranids are running from, but a pesky former prey that won’t leave them alone and never quite dies. 🙂

  3. AI’s could be a cool faction too, different to necrons, self preservation instead of morale, as indecipherable as the nids are and there are some interesting AI’s featured in various black library books (death of integrity springs to mind)

    • Ah, Zoats. Not heard that one in quite a while. As I recall, they are now in the service of the Nids, acting as some sort of diplomats (which is a bit useless for a race that eats entire star systems, but hey ho). Maybe an underground faction working against the Tyranids? They could do something like that.

      • Yea, I would seriously doubt that would be a contender. I guess everyone hated them even before they came out. I stumbled upon the background behind them when reading about the Fimir. Another not too popular GW creation.

  4. Ah, I couldn’t see the images on my mobile device. But now I see the “Hruds”, those are pretty cool looking. They look a bit different than the usually GW fare, but that would be a big sell for me, as I tend to look for things that I can use in Blood Bowl or other games.

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  6. Zoats just got a mention in IS as well, actually. Time for both Zoats and Squats to make a reappearance, methinks!

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