4 comments on “A New Xenos: Part 2 – It Came From Out There…

  1. There is a whole kroot army list in an old chapter approved book. At one stage I was going to go all in and make a full kroot only army using it. (Gw them quietly dropped it along with the snakebites ork lists)

  2. Haha, I know that feeling when you start writing something and it completely morphs out of all recognition!

    Honestly I think you have a good point in the end, though I still think I would look to keep the Kroot part of the Tau and perhaps develop some of the other mercenaries they’ve discussed already – Tarellian Dog Soldiers being my favourite and perhaps the easiest concept to develop.

    Predator is also a fantastic source concept, especially since predator vs alien has already established that hunter/prey relationship with giger’s aliens so taking the next step and introducing a race that has followed the Tyranids across the galactic gulf isn’t completely unbelievable. It would also conveniently allow them to be introduced without having to retcon a whole section of the galaxy and pretend ‘they were there all along’.

    Lastly, don’t know if this interests you, but I came into possession of an old Baal predator the other day – it was fairly hacked about so I’m currently restoring it but would you be interested if I can get it to a state where I’m happy to sell it on?

  3. Hmmmm the oddworld games in grimdark, i could buy that 😀

    Could see an abe’s odyssey fluff going along the lines of abe guevara (as i dub your resistance leading kroot), leading an uprising after realizing that the greater good isn’t in their best interests and they are in fact a slave race for the tau, an ugly grease which lubricates the machinery of the expansion. Cue many sabotage efforts, and i would have a house rule of a loyalty roll each turn for any kroot in a tau army to see if they change sides mid game ;). What would be interesting for them as a race would be having a totally different take on the chaotic pantheon and the warp through “natural magic”, in so much as not good and evil, but a more holistic approach, rather than nurgle being death and decay he could be seen more as the counterpoint to life, like without him no compost and no growth, stuff along those lines, which would tie into many aboriginal belief systems. With it being grimdark of course could all be a ruse by chaos 😀

    There is one other race which could work in a similar tribal scavenged tech route, exodite eldar!, as much as i have no love for pointy eared space elf bastards, i would love to be able to legitimately field my exodite eldar “jetbike” squadron, which consists of toy pterodactyl’s with jet bike cowlings grafted onto their backs and old school wood elf horse men with spears riding them lol. Fluff wise as we pretty much have unified eldar now with the ynar..ynaeri…god of death eldar, they would be completely distinct especially as they could have populated entire planetary systems, so have numbers on their side and forgotten tech revered as relics, soul stones are symbolic rather than real, wood replaces plastic, and eldar rituals become cargo cult* interpretations

    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult

  4. Aye, I’ve been thinking that the Kroot would be a good pick for GW’s next xenos race. May be wrong on my background, it’s been a while since I read up on the Kroot, but if I recall correctly although they’re relationship with the Tau is supposed to be exclusive the galaxy is a big place and away from the prying eyes of their allies the Kroot are more than happy to do their own thing, or hire themselves out as mercenaries to other races. Between FW’s Kroot monsters and the various Kroot-hounds/Krootox/Shapers etc there’s already the core of an interesting new faction ready to roll.

    Exodite Eldar would be another good pick – although do they really need to ride around on Dinosaurs GW? Most likely some guy in the sales department is emphatically saying “yes, dinosaurs all the way” but it really would be nice to see something more original and interesting – and I say that with the greatest respect to the dinosaurs, who I love but who really don’t belong in science fiction.

    A.I. The Imperium takes a hard line on Abominable Intelligences given the rocky relationship mankind appears to have had with them during the Dark Age of Technology. However there’s already been references in the Horus Heresy series to AI with an equally dim view of humanity and chaos alike so although every servant of the Omnissiah knows that an unsanctioned machine is a doorway to the daemonic there’s no need to make this part of the chaos family of factions (leave that to the Dark Mechanicum). Instead we could have a race of sentient machines and robots (not humanoid though – these aren’t the Necrons) and the ragged human cultists that serve them.

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