3 comments on “Horus Heresy: When Will We See The Blood Angels – And What Will The legion Include?

  1. The cynic in me says BL’s release cadence has slowed down is because they want to keep the golden goose alive for as long as possible. Wouldnt be surprised if the HH doesnt progress much until they have half of the primarchs out, probably some side stories, maybe a focus on who ever the next loyalist 40k primarch will be…

    I also think 8th edition puts the brakes on HH a bit, i mean BL need to fill out the sigmarines a bit now in 40k, as well as some of the ramifications etc. Be interesting to see the effect of the introduction of primaris marines to say the space wolves, the blood angels and especially, the dark angels; how trusted would they be with the chapters secrets? Will they fall to chaos or will they cause veterans to question loyalty….

    The optimist in me hopes a massive blow out on the blood angels in close sucession, conceivably you could have the next FW HH Book come out, with supporting BL entries, BA 8th codex with updated fluff, has dante and mephiston survived the next 100 years? Will we get primaris death company, can cawl fix (unlikely) or exacerbate (likely) the flaw, and again more BL fluff too, spread over 6 months to a year…

  2. It’s also been said by many that the sad passing of Alan Bligh has had a big effect internally over at FW, especially on the Heresy, where he was head writer and lore-master. FoC is expected soon(-ish), post-Tau codex, so there’s also that in their release schedule.

    • That is a very good point. Alan was such a huge part of the Heresy game, and his passing will have undoubtedly set them back a bit. Between that sad news and the busy window, no wonder there’s been a bit of a delay.

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