12 comments on “Why Painting Your Miniatures Matters

  1. Personally, I never play with unpainted models. I just can’t do it. This has lead to some pretty noncompetitive armies at times, but it has also inspired some of my mates (who would otherwise have never picked up a paintbrush) to give painting a red-hot go. I consider that “objective secured” :o)

    • Good work, Marc. I know what you mean – I too only play with painted miniatures so it usually takes a while before I can have a big game with a new army, but I get by on skirmishes and the reward is all the sweeter for the effort. Nice one.

  2. Count me as another “play it painted” fellow. Although for me it tends to be easier to do that because I almost always paint them off the base to begin with so they aren’t really playable until they’re painted!

  3. I tend to hit a middle ground here to be honest.

    First and foremost like you I’m a painter who enjoys gaming, not the other way round. However, I’m also a massive painting butterfly as anyone who’s read my blog will attest. What that means is I often don’t have a fully painted army to use. So basically, my view is that so long as I can see someone making painting progress, I can live with a few unfinished models.

    Not at tournaments though, those armies should be 100% finished!

  4. I’m pretty relaxed with this to be honest. What’s more important to me is the overall attitude of my opponent, and following on from that is how I feel about facing the state of their army.

    My personal distaste is for a certain kind of player who plays simply to win. I used to have to play against such a person a few years ago. Every army was bought on Ebay, and no effort was made to improve the state of the models. Therefore, there would not be any kind of colour coherency, nor a single fully painted figure, and undercoat would be poorly applied. WYSIWYG was an alien concept. Army rules were deliberately misinterpreted to gain advantages, and the game rules were merely guideline.

    I don’t exaggerate here either. To me, facing grey plastic is far more preferable than reliving that experience ever again.

    What I do like more than anything is if myself, and whoever my opponent is, have made progress on our armies since we last had a battle.

  5. I vastly prefer having painted Models on both sides of the board, but where I live, I don’t really have the option to be picky about who I play, so I’ll take what I can get without complaint.

    I have also run unpainted stuff myself on occasion, usually when there was something brand new that I can’t get done in time for my game, or just ridiculous and requiring proxies or more of something than I have painted. That’s only ever at home, tho. If I’m going in to a shop or event to play, it’s all going to be painted and based.

  6. Las minis pintadas matan más. You can translate this as Painted miniatures kill more enemies. I like painting a i like painted armies. I always try to play with painted models, but if my miniatures are unpainted when playing they are given the cursed grey rule. That is: any unpainted squad must roll a dice before doing anything. on a 5+ they do nothing.

  7. Well said, sir. If someone doesn’t want to paint, there’s always boardgames. And I like you bend the rules a bit for noobs.

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