2 comments on “New Chapter Tactics – My Thoughts

  1. I think the Salamanders have one of the strongest chapter tactics. Given how useful I have found command point re-rolls, you essentially get up to four free command points for most of your units each and every turn! This frees up your actual command points for combat interrupts, damage rolls and saves.

    My white scars are not wild about their chapter tactics. Will need to see how useful they are in game terms.

  2. The Salamanders also really appeal to me, and seem really fluffy, actually. Their fluff has them being constantly somewhat understrength, and the Chapter Tactic really pushes MSU, since the re-rolls are per Unit. They also make all those fancy, but unreliable (do to low number of shots/attacks) Weapons like Meltaguns and Thunder Hammers (just to name a couple) way more usable. It’s like the previous version, but you also get to re-roll a failed Wound, and if the Sarge doesn’t need it, someone else from the Squad can.

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