2 comments on “Bits And Bobs – Random Hobby Thoughts In July ’17

  1. Ha! I hadn’t thought about Orks and Primaris Marines, but that’s spot on. Very entertaining idea!

    I think it’s actually been about 50/50 for whether or not vanilla SM get the first Dex of a new Edition. I know they did in 3rd, 4th*, 5th*, and now 8th, but Space Wolves were the first in 2nd, CSM and than Dark Angels in 6th, and Orks followed by SW in 7th.

    *Arguably, the IG and Chaos Dexes released late in 3rd were actually the first Codices released with the 4th Ed Rules in mind, and similarly with the CSM, Ork, and Chaos Daemon Dexes released at the end of 4th.

    • That’s some good codex history stats. You’re right on all counts of course. But what with the primaries marines, the new box featuring space marines, the whole story line right now, Roboute’s return and the fact that they’re the poster boys, they were always a dead cert for 8th. But fair point in terms of the history, and well made.

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