3 comments on “Mortifactors Primaris Space Marine Lieutenant

  1. Hey man, I’m a huge fan of your Mortifactors! You’re work is amazing. I was wondering if you could give me a bit of a painting guide? I’m trying to join the bone and black, but the colours can be messy.


    • Thanks for saying so! Glad you like them. As for the joins between bone and black, that’s where washes come in. Get your base coats down and then apply your wash to the bone areas (I use reikland flesh shade but others prefer seraphim sepia or agrax earthshade) Then, when you start bringing the bone colour back up, just be as neat as possible and where black meats bone, leave this shaded. Washes hide a multitude of sins. Other than that, neatness and practice are the key. I hope that helps! Cheers.

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