4 comments on “A 40k Mystery…

  1. The best one I’ve seen is that it’s something to do with an anniversary (I think there was also a reference to an anniversary/celebration in this month’s white dwarf?)

    flip the numbers round and you get 30-9-87, so a 30 year anniversary of, oh, say rogue trader?


    one of the references in that article has a white dwarf article announcing games workshop’s latest tabletop game dated september 1987. As for the rest, I’ve seen the AP possibly relating to Alan Perry, one of the orignal sculptors. No idea about the rest of it.

    Personally I’d like to see it as a new range of guard stuff, ideally plastic steel legion/death korps or similar.

    • /M/h is a common time format code to specify months and hours respectively, so i would expect a second vid with that revealed…

      What if b50 is part of a stat line, i.e. ballistic skill 50, 30th anniversary vehicle maybe

      that or necromunda

      • Thanks, though I can’t take credit for the initial work. I’ve had a bit more of a dig since then, and I’m wondering if the B50 part could be a reference to the old box codes. B05 was the landraider (eek) though I think perhaps more likely is that all the codes that began with a 5 following their re-numbering related to imperial army (imperial guard) stuff. Alan Perry also worked on those models so I’m tempted to lean towards it being a reference to imperial guard, perhaps a new codex and some new boxes – the Cadians could do with an update or alternatively it would be nice to see a new regiment following Cadia’s fall.

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