4 comments on “Blood Angels Despoiler Squad WIP 2

  1. Love blood angels, so it’s great to see you doing justice to the legion!

    I could even be tempted into the Heresy myself once the rules and specific kits start coming out for them.

    Looking forward to seeing the next stages!

  2. Seriously envious of not only your paint job, but actually your levels of productivity! failed to paint a thing in feb lol!

    Do you have any tips on getting nice looking hazard stripes painted?
    Im currently painting my BA’s in a “middle school” style i.e. the best of new and old school styles melded together and well hazard stripes are mandatory, just be damned if i can get a consistent angle going….

    • Weathering hides many sins. 😉 Mine aren’t perfectly spaced by a long way, but by using the weathering on them (sponge and brush work with Abaddon Black) you can conceal any errors and get a nice effect too. Other than that, it’s a steady hand, a few thin layers of yellow, and then do some clean up stripes with black too. Also, the thicker you do them, the easier they are to do. Thanks for your comment, and I hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks thats great advice, i tend to do black on yellow mainly as im lazy and cant be arsed to repaint yellow many times to get good coverage, i figure i have enough “fun” with the red without having to tit about with yellow too, but i think i will give your way a try, failing that i will see if a template made from an old credit card will do the trick 😉

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