3 comments on “Horus Heresy Top 10 – The Fights I Want(ed) To Read About

  1. Cant argue with that list (but i will 😉 ), personally id put lion vs luthor at #1 just because ive always loved that fluff since codex angels of death days, and im less invested in DA’s compared to my obsession with the sons of baal…

    My reservation with Sanguinius vs Horus is that no amount of writing will match the 20+ years of imagining that fight i have put into it, i mean who ever gets the unenviable job of closing the series as that fight is pretty much the death knell of the HH (as it is ‘ol sangy’s battle which creates the chink in the warmasters armour that the emperor exploits, although i wonder if its a physical chink or more an emotional one, last shred of humanity sort of thing). Who ever writes it has to make it worthy of causing the black rage, and that i fear is to tall an order for anyone to deliver in a satisfactory manner.

    Although not HH i think tycho is deserving of a trilogy, as there is bugger all fluff demonstrating how and why he is such a hero of the BA’s, other than kicked ass at armageddon, went all phantom of the opera after a weirdboyz brain exploded, moped about, then succumb to the black rage. That or something which makes dante look as badass as the rest of the BA named characters, rather than “old, wears golden armour, has a terrible sculpt”…

  2. I’ve got to agree with your number 1 fight here, even though my own following of the series has dropped off as my disposable income shrank (kids, house etc) there have been some potentially epic involvements so far. Sanguinius is the epitome of 40k for me, as it was Blood Angels that first got me into the space marines.

    The other one I would add to the list would be Guilliman vs Alpharius. Very short according to the fluff with just a single strike on each side, but the fallout of that scrap (ie the Ultramarines expecting the Alpha Legion resistance to fall to pieces and no such effect materialising) would be really interesting to read.

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