8 comments on “Genestealer Cult – What it was, what it could be…

  1. Both factions look great and the Cultists illicit a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. I’ve never been a fan of Tyranids but the Genestealer Cult was always a fascinating army to me. I’ll probably wait to see how the game plays, from what I’ve seen so far, the board looks a bit cluttered and not very inspiring.
    Hopefully it will offer some possibilities to expand it into a skirmish type game (Ala Necromunda) rather than just a board game like Betrayal at Calth.

  2. I am so stoked for this. Stealer Cults were one of my favorite things that were just hanging on when I got into the Game in 2nd, and faded away shortly after. I can totally see them getting something on par with the AdMech/Harlequin/Storm Trooper Dexes.

    Also, as someone who plays both Nids and CSM, I’ve gotta say they’re about neck and neck in their need for some boosts. Very frustrating.

  3. I am seriously chuffed they are coming back, one of my biggest regrets is flogging my cult army for peanuts in the late ’90s, was a great dual use army, as not only could i play 40k with it, but also used them as a gang made up of a magos and hybrids in necromunda 😀

    As for the game, who cares if its just a board game, there are 40k codex entries in WD, the death watch mini’s look stunning literally something for any marine player (although im a little dissapointed by the BA sculpt, dont like the foot on pipe pose), and im sure we will all be sick of seeing conversions based of them like we are with the space hulk termies… And the new cult minis look great as well, for once a box i don’t want to split!
    Also think that perhaps the last year has been one of the most giving in GW history. In just over a year so many longstanding 40k dreams have come true, plastic HH/30k, mechanicus, harlies, death watch and genesteal cults!!!! Whats left on the wishlist plastic sisters, thunderhawk and legion of the damned, oh and possibly space wood elves (feral eldar)?

    Can but hope the SPuDs (as im calling the specialist product division) do revamp ol’ necromunda and include cults from the get go, especially as we could now viably play a chaos or genestealer cults, and a tau infiltration wouldn’t be inconceivable either as a thrid cult based faction!

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  5. Thanks for a well considered article! I’m a huge fan, I’ve wanted to collect a Genestealer Cult for years but left 40k until 3rd Edition Space Hulk came out; after 4th Edition I started watching eBay for Hybrids without much joy, abd turned to the Cultist models from Dark Vengeance to cover my 4th Gen; on release day last Saturday I picked up 3 boxes of Deathwatch!

    If GW gives us nothing else I’ll probably use the Cult rules alongside Tyranids with opponents’ permission so I can involve Raveners and a Mawloc as my digging machines, Ripper Swarms because how can’t you have face huggers, and Lictors as an alternative to Broodlords that stalk individually.

    I can handle CtA for Imperial Guard; small sacrifice to get Wyrdvane Psykers as tortured hybrid Psykers, Sentinels as power loaders, and of course the Taurox (or maybe the Tervigon?) as the long awaited Cult Limo!

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