6 comments on “Blood Angels Chosen – Command Squad Complete

  1. I was definitely struck by the 2nd Ed effect of the red and yellow. Glad to read that it was intentional.

    Black cloth is a serious pain to get to look good. It interacts with light in odd ways that are really hard to replicate, and don’t work at all with any of the simple approaches to highlighting that I know. You’ve done a better job of it here than I can manage.

    • Thanks! Yes, black cloth is a real pain, but hopefully I did ok. And 2nd Ed all the way – best looking Blood Angels scheme ever. 🙂

  2. Amazing paintjob! I really like the waving marks on the right leg and the color palette. Its like looking again at the old miniatures of the rogue trader era.

  3. Lovely stuff, think this has made my decision a no brainier, currently have a squad or termies half painted and have been mulling over what to do with the chainfists, hazard stripes it is!! 😀

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