6 comments on “Improving My Photography: Part 1

  1. Dude you seem to be perpetually 3 weeks ahead of me lol, first HH BA’s now, better photography awesome stuff, looking forward to next installment, i assume you have seen the photography how to series on taleofpainters? if not well worth a read

    • Lol in time it took me to post, you already mentioned taleofpainters guides 😀

      • Ha! We must have some sort of Psyker gene thing going on. As long as the Inquisition don’t find out, we should be safe. 😀

  2. Nice one, it’s definitely tougher than it looks getting decent shots. I’ve only used a dslr for a few of mine (when I’ve been able to borrow kit from work), and my setup has always been pretty lax. It was good seeing how you’ve done yours and the results you’ve gotten thus far. It’ll be good to see how you get on with it.

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