2 comments on “Same Name, Different Miniature – How Your Toy Soldiers Have Changed over The Years

  1. I’m down with the update for Ghazzie himself, but I kinda wish Makari were still around.

    Got one of those Librarians still. For its age, it really is a great mini.

    IIRC, that thing was actually a Gargoyle in HeroQuest, not a BloodThirster. I’ve still got one lying around. Kinda tempted to paint it up and see if people will let me actually run it as a Thirster 😉

    • D’oh! You’re absolutely right re the Gargoyle. I knew my memory of such things would fail me someday. Still, there is definitely a PG bloodthirstery look to that mini and I’m sure I remember people using it as a Bloodthirster back in the day. There, got my excuses in. 😉

      And yes, I too miss Makari. Maybe he’ll return as a grit boss one day. We can only hope.

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