8 comments on “Road To Warhammer Fest – Update 4: The Duel Is Done

  1. That looks awesome 😀
    Well done! Any chance of some higher res images bit hard to see all the details as it currently stands…

    The wire is a fiddle, one thing which makes its much easier to work with is to heat it with a lighter until it glows cherry red, then let it cool down, holds its shape much better and will burn any insulating varnish off as well, worth watching some coiling vids on youtube for tips for working with that stuff. That or uhu spiralled around a plastic bottle might work, but i doubt it would survive the journey

    • I may do some more close ups at some point if i get a chance. Hopefully you’ll be able to see it professionally shot on the Godlen Demon website one day! 😉 (jinxed it now!)

      And yeah, the wire/glue solutions just aren’t going to make the trip. I could take some with me to see what it looks like, but I probably won’t. Besides, I want to start work on something else now before I really start to loathe this piece!

      • Sounds like a plan, from what i know of the judging process the base and effects etc, are only considered when it comes to composition 99% of the judging is on the mini’s alone 🙂

  2. Great work dude, they look fantastic ! I love the sense of movement and colours you’ve gone for, good luck with the comp !

  3. Great job getting that finished. The sense of movement is really nice and I love how the Terminator’s armor turned out!

  4. Good job. Nice to see the effort paying off in buckets here. It was a good idea to add the rat, always nice to give little things for folks to spot.

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