2 comments on “Road To Warhammer Fest – Update 3: The Duel – 3rd WIP

  1. nice work on the mono filament!
    coil wire is a great item to have in the old tool box, so many uses! Also really good for adding rope and wire additions to vehicles and to war gear, as it will sag naturally 🙂

    I like your hair and B4BG combo, might have to see how that holds up against my usual gore recipe of uhu and tamiya clear red and black ink combo, would imagine it would be a bit fiddlier to sculpt that the glue trick i use. I find if you apply the mix to some sticker backing paper you can create really fine tendrils and then just peel off and glue in place…

    • I can see that wire having a lot of potential uses, but I can also see myself stressing out about it a lot. There will be swearing.

      And I’ve heard of the uhu and clear red recipe. I didn’t have any uhu on me, but thankfully I have a lot of hair to spare!

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