3 comments on “Basic Painting Tutorial: Blood Angels – Part 4: Backpack & Legion Vexilla

  1. Brilliant series start to finish, like the way you have done the vexilla too 🙂

    The only criticism i have isnt to do with the quality of your pics, just the size, would be worth adding a lightbox/slide show plugin to your blog theme so can get an enlarged version by clicking the images.

    Other than that you are a credit to the sons of Baal!

    • Totally agree re the images. I should look for a good widget for it – this was just the easiest way. And the iPhone camera did me no favours but it was easier than having a photography setup on my desk. Lessons learned for next time! Cheers.

      • I use this one in the dayjob (web developer) for any WP based sites im working on: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-lightbox/ pretty much config free once installed, i would point you at the iphone photography tutorial on taleofpainters but i know you already know of it ;), seriously dont sweat the pics though they look great and do clearly show each step you describe so are perfectly functional, and way better than most of the other similar guides out there.

        p.s. if you dont have it yet the new WD is epic, its almost like holding a late ’90s issue (just with visions quality printing and paper stock)

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