4 comments on “Games Workshop Licensing – The Opportunities Are Everywhere!

  1. Cars. You missed cars.

    Ford Falcon
    VW Rhino
    Toyota Land Raider
    Vauxhall Vector-thrust

    The possibilities are endless, and the concept design is already done!

  2. Dude. I would be all over a Horus Heresy Netflix series. That cartoon would be awesome, too, up there with Conan the Adventurer and stuff. The pop figures would totally sell, too.

    The rumours about the Starship Troopers movie being 40K related are just people who don’t realize how much GW “borrowed” from the original book. That said, since they filed off basically everything *except* the serial numbers, it could as easily be seen as a 40K flick as an adaptation of the novel. And a 40K movie in the same vein could definitely work.

  3. kia prometheum
    tata dakka
    landrover explorator
    are also viable 😉

    Mordheim could be cool, although i could see necromunda happening as well, given that its production costs would be much lower, as all you would need is a soundstage as there is no outside in the underhive 😉 and not much need for a massive sfx budget. And you could have some kick ass sub plots running through the series to do with spyrers, latent psykers and genestealers cults…

    Another cool license they could do would be a proper comic run, not one off graphic novels but a full blown comic, could see someone like darkhorse or 2000ad doing a stirling job, whilst black library could do that i think they would be better off partnering with people who already have the distribution channels

    As for the recipe of grimdark its:
    take 1 herbert, mix with a heinlein, blend with arthurian legend and essence of nietzche, pour over geiger, dice some satire sprinkle some pastiche and serve with a sauce of dredd

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