6 comments on “White Dwarf – Monthly Publications, Lessons Learned, And What I Want From The New Magazine

  1. I was a fan of Visions as well (the second 50% anyway). I always enjoy new scenarios and different ways to play the game. I can remember, back in “the day”, WD bringing out a mini game using Space Marine scouts and Ork counters. You have to go around with the scouts eliminating the Orks silently, but like Space Hulk, you never really new how many you would be up against. There was also a Landspeeder race where the terrain moved a set amount every turn towards one board edge, which was slapstick fun. I really miss the DIY terrain articles as well; surely they can bring back some of that without hurting their terrain sales *that* much.

  2. I was a huge fan of the old White Dwarf from my youth. Really looking forward to the new monthly issue, hoping to see a lot of what you have suggested there.

  3. Fluff. I would love to see short stories and other fiction in there, the kind of 1-3 page stories that can inspire wonderful games and even campaigns. I remember a lot of these little ‘snippets’ from the rule books and supplements from 2nd/3rd ed 40k, as well as from games like Necromunda and Gorkamorka. But they used to appear in WD too (often to accompany battle reports). Seeing short stories like these in monthly WD magazines would be great.

    • Yes. Exactly that. I should have included that myself. Even just a half page mini story with each new release would be fantastic. Nice work!!

    • COuldnt agree more, used to love the short storesy sandwhiched between bat reps and mail order troll catalog updates…

      Although if im being greedy i would love to see inferno return….

  4. Some support for the other games would be nice, a new spacehulk or deathwatch mission now again as well as all of the above, also yes show us the new stuff but keep in in check .

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