3 comments on “Too Sexy For My Plastic: Is Slaanesh A Problem?

  1. This is a thoughtful and well-considered article but I think you are wrong about the fact that GW is avoiding Slaanesh because of the sexual imagery. Look at the recent Dark Elf witch models, there’s a lot of bare flesh on show there (something which personally I do find sexist but that’s a point for a different discussion).

    Also, in terms of fluff nothing that has been published about Slaanesh has been that racey. The original Realm of Chaos books of he ’80s were the most explicit but then these were recommened for ‘Mature Gamers Only’ something which GW haven’t done since.

    If GW don’t give more support to Slannesh it will be because the range doesn’t sell well rather than any other reason. Khorne and Nurgle have always been very popular which is why FW have 40k ranges for both and both gods featured heavily in the End Times series.

  2. Its a fantasy world. Not real. Leave the graphic content in, as your only changing what people are happy with, to suit your own moderate desires, a tad extreme if you ask me to ask GW artists to change their art to suit your prude!

  3. Stop trying to change things just because they offend YOU. There are plenty of people out there that love Slannesh and Slannesh forces as they are. Women cosplay as Slannesh for Petes sake. There is nothing broken, nothing to change. If you don’t like booba, fine…dont play as or against a Slanneshi player, but don’t change something because you find it problematic and want to ruin the fun for others.

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