6 comments on “Necromunda – Why We Oldies Are Looking Forward To It

  1. My personal favourite was a story on the old rulebook about sump spiders and a hunting expedition. ‘Borrowed’ heavily from actual literature elsewhere, but still very evocative!

  2. Lovely write up! I am very excited for the release of this. Some of my fondest gaming memories comes from playing Necromunda as a young gamer.

    I loved trying to lure my enemy to a high level walkway, then line up that perfect shotgun blast solid round…..boom! Down they tumble 3 stories to their hopeful death. Just beautiful! I hope the same thing is recreated here

  3. I always thought the green bases were for toxic slime 😉

    I remember causing outcry at the Gloucester GW for basing my redemptionists with aluminium mesh, and sand black washed and drybrushed with spacewolf grey (now there was a colour!,its in my all time favourite list along with snot green, chestnut ink and the mighty mithril silver!)

  4. Can’t wait to get my hands on those new Orlock models, I want to model a gang based on my Inquisitor’s Acolytes

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