6 comments on “Photo Admin – New Images Of Old Work

  1. I sympathise – I struggled for a long time to get half-way decent photographs of my models whilst I saved up for a half-way decent camera. Of course now I have to contend with seeing every flaw in my painting magnified to a hundred times its size on the screen in front of me but at least I can’t blame the camera for it any more!

    Anyway, good to see some better pictures of these – all excellent work and deserving of being showcased properly.

    • Yea, I remember the first time taking a pic and looking at my paint jog magnified. Horrible, horrible! “Does my mini really look that bad?!”

  2. Great stuff. Love all of them, well apart from Pickle Rick as I never liked that show.

    Old school speeder is amazing!

  3. I started watching the show after admiring your Pickle Rick (and my son explained what it was). Please can you do Mr. Poopy Butthole next?

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