7 comments on “Your Desks – A Photo Essay

  1. Can I send a picture of a blank space, since my painting desk doesn’t really exist anymore? Only kidding, I know what you mean though, I used to do exactly the same when I had a permanent hobby desk set up. Now however, it’s where my daughter’s cot needs to be so I had to bid it farewell (with a teary eye of course).

    Perhaps I could convert the loft…

    • Well, why not take a photo of your temporary set up – even if it’s just a few paints on a kitchen tray! The fact that you gave up your space for your daughter is pretty noble!

    • I feel you, i had to do the same thing, for the same reason, but! as it was the box room in my house, she soon outgrew it, so i got it back and now its better than ever! 😀 (with the addition of hello kitty wall stickers and lampshade, although thats REALLY not to my taste, i like the memory of the time it was her room).

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