10 comments on “Blood Angels Cataphractii Terminators

  1. I always enjoy the day when a post from your blog pops up in my reading list, even more so when it’s Blood Angels related and these guys don’t disappoint!

    Any plans to expand the unit out to ten?

    • Maybe one day. I’m kind of enjoying some time away from painting these guys – they were a bit of a slog. Saying that, I’m sure I’ll be buying Burning of Prospero at some point so perhaps another unit of 5 terminators in Tartarus will happen in the future. And having painted them for my Mortifactors, I know that they’re far more enjoyable and quick to get through. But first, I think I might need some real armour…

  2. Thanks for the tips! I’m waiting on some bits to build mine as Alpha Legion Lernean Terminators, and it’s good to know what to watch for.

    They look fantastic, despite the trouble they caused you.

  3. Seriously loving your Blood Angels. The little Blanche/Rogue Trader details in the fire & checkerboard patters just put them over the top.

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