2 comments on “Wishlisting: If The Emperor’s Children Got An Update

  1. Nailed it mate, a good coverage of what the Emperor’s Children need. A few thoughts of my own as additions to the above list:

    Sonic Terminators – for those weapons that are just too loud to be man-portable. Why let an unfeeling husk of a dreadnaught have all the fun with the big guns after all?

    Fabius – another old model that’s seen better days.

    Fabius’s flesh-crafted abominations – they could just try to get away with another mismatch of random bitz stuck onto a marine chassis ala possessed or forsaken and it would still have merit as a source of conversion material. Or they could push the boat out and do something really interesting and creative.

    Torture Engine – could be a duel kit with the sonic dreadnaught even. Some kind of walking engine of torment for a bit of mid-battle torturing (either of the enemy or, if the battle was proving a little dull, the legionaries themselves).

  2. Noise Marine Havocs. Let them be taken in EL/TR as they are now, or in HS with the option to take up to 4 BlastMasters.

    Def Noise Marine Terminators, like Wudugast mentioned.

    Sonic upgrade for the Defiler. Maybe something in a Hellstorm Template?

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