4 comments on “Grey Tides; Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Just Keep Spending

  1. In part, mine bothers me because I used to be a faster painter before my health started declining, and if I could still paint at the rate that I did 13 years ago, I could totally clear out all of what I’ve got inside of a year.

    This is also part of why I’ve resisted getting into AoS. As it stands, the AoS releases give me a bit of a break, because so much of the 40K stuff over the last couple of Years has gone straight to “Ooh, shiny! It must be mine!”

  2. I like my grey tide, though it’s not so big at the moment as it has been. For me, the grey tide represents a break from whatever it is I’m working on at the moment. As a hobby butterfly, nothing fills me with more dread (in hobby terms at least) than the idea that I only have one option of what to paint next. At present, I have the choice of Iron Fists Landspeeders, Dusk Knights characters, devastators, vanguard veterans, another tactical squad or a drop pod, and I feel comfortable knowing that once my knight is finished, I have a choice of what to do next.

    Really interesting article though, and very evocatively written.

  3. One of the buggest culprets for the grey tide for me is box games, i dunno if its a case of getting overwhelmed by choice and not knowing where to start or if i find it easier to think in terms of a single mini, i.e. i have rarely (if at all) ever completed a squad to my satisfaction, sure i have several which are almost at the decal stage but not quite, but (and i class vehicles the same) for characters i have no issue in getting on with it, as soon as its grunts essentially i struggle, maybe its the painting rather than the playing which interests me more so for example a 10 man tactical squad is just a variation on a theme, where as a captain or other standalone mini is a challenge…

    Still have so much to be getting on with i guess i can mull it over as i do 😉 Knowing once current project is over i have the following box fresh choices:
    Spacehulk (unopened)
    Overkill (unopened)
    Epic 40k (primed)
    Stormraven (unopened)
    WHW Command Tanks (Unopened)
    Skitarii walker (unopened)
    Landspeeder (Unopened)
    BA Terminator Box (unopened)
    Dungeon Saga (unopened)
    Some gorkamorka stuff (unopened)
    Droppod (primed)
    30th aniversary marine (unopened)
    Finish off execution force
    repaint about 3k of BA i stripped when 3rd edition came out

    Or maybe i will just buy something else lol 😉

  4. Good article, and actually quite inspiring. I definitely suffer from guilt when I look at the grey tide, which is rather a pointless and counterproductive response. For me the trick is to focus on one or two projects, rather than letting myself think about how many human lifespans it would take to paint it all and how many generations of my family could live and die toiling away just to paint the stuff I’ve already bought. Certainly I feel less like Moses and more like the Egyptian army that was chasing after him – every time I think I’m making headway I look around and see the plastic tsunami about to break over my head.

    Part of the blame for my grey tide has to be laid at the door of ebay. In many ways although it’s fantastic for sourcing bargains it’s also made every miniature into a limited edition release. Whenever I go on there I see something and think “wow, this model at THAT price! I’d be a fool not to pick it up right now. Really I’m being thrifty and saving money in the long run… I mean, I’ve always wanted one and I’ll never see it that cheap again…” Even when I do stay strong I inevitably see the same model again later for three times the price and think “see – should have bought it when it was cheap!. And thus the grey mountain grows…

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