5 comments on “Blood Angels Librarian – It’s Beaky!

  1. 😀 love it, pretty much a perfect update on the classic, i personally explain away the height differences as a peril of the warp, but a good chunk of stone is as valid ;).

    Fully agree with the rose tinted lead glasses, about 2/3rd of the way through finally getting round to painting my scout squad its been sitting in skull white primer for 19 years now and man, leads a pain in the arse compared to plastic, at least the mini’s are characterful enough to make it worth while, and the scouts look so much better than there modern counterparts, having different faces really makes a difference!, although it also makes me wonder if i will ever bother to repaint my “classic” BA army, was about 3-4000 pts back in codex angels of death days, and i foolishly stripped them all about 15 years ago, painting 30 death company will be fun(!) and i may well retire the 2nd ed box set tactical squad…

  2. This is my favourite model on the internet this week by a mile. It’s amazing. It helps that I love the model, but you’ve done an excellent job on an updated scheme.

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