6 comments on “Forge World Open Day 2016

  1. I’m in London right now from the US, and I’m trying to make it up to Nottingham. What is the least expensive way for my wife and I?

    • There might be very cheap coaches that go up there (maybe look at megabus) but the journey won’t be that nice. I’d say train is the best way to go really – i don’t know how much it is to buy tickets on the day, but it won’t be too bad. Trains leave St Pancras and take just under 2 hours usually. Hope that helps!

  2. loving the new vehicles, was lucky enough to go to WH world the day after the new room 3 exhibit was opened and it was like a ghost town! had the whole place to my self was amazing 😀
    Know what you mean about the nostalgia for certain things, for me it it was seeing this

    and this

    in the flesh, god knows how many hours i poured over the old red how to make wargames terrain books gw brought out in the 90’s and the WD’s they featured in, some of Mike Mcveys finest/most inspirational work in my opinion

    And now i am seriously excited about the prospect of FW BA releases, i dont think yours will be the only devestated account balance….

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