2 comments on “Warhammer 41K – How The Xenos Move Forward

  1. Really like the Eldar idea. Ynnead Culties ftw.

    Since I don’t really like Imotekh, my preferred arc for the Necrons would be more like your Ork arc, with Szarekh stepping back into the light and taking control of the reawakening empire directly. Also, more C’tan shards re-merging

    Tau actually already have warp drives. What they’re missing, that Humanity could provide, is Navigators, so they could make longer journeys without so much worry of getting thrown catastrophically off course.

    The only issue I have with that idea regarding Nids is that I don’t want to have to haul even huger and more unwieldy Models around to Games 😉

  2. Would put genestealer cults as a standalone faction in 41k , as cult infiltration would make for a good common narrative, no reason why all off the biological factions couldnt have issues with them so loads of potential for twists to be added to the inevitable black library out pouring of (variable) fiction, like cruicial events turn out to be part of a co-ordinated cult infiltration, would give them the seeds for a second HH type series then especially if they did a reverse end times, i.e. nids have eaten everything, and these are the tales of the last desparate battles of a doomed galaxy…
    That and nids would have a viable ally

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