17 comments on “Blood Angels Praetor

  1. Looking good mate. Not normally a fan of anything other than bare metal for bolters but the yellow works a treat. Dare I ask how you did the leopard print on the cape (or point me in the right direction if you’ve answered this before)?

    • You can certainly ask! I’ll see if I can explain it properly. 😉

      So put down a light base coat (I used Ulthuan Grey). The wet blend from a balor Brown/White Scar mix down to almost pure White Scar. The marks are made with Abaddon Black shot through with a little Rhinox Hide, and then the centres of the marks are just a dab of Reikland Fleshshade. Most importantly though, look at lots of pictures of leopard fur. The spots change size, consistency and shape depending on what part of the pelt they are on. I may try and put out a proper post on that method soon. Cheers!

      • Cheers. When I get back to painting some Slaaneshi types I may well give that a shot. (or get scared and bottle it – one or the other!)

      • Ever think of revisiting this spotting tutorial and expanding it?

      • I would like to do a tutorial on this, but I need to get round to painting another character with a cloak. When I do get round to that though, I will be sure to take some snaps and put some sort of tutorial together. Cheers!

      • What do you mean “shot through”

        Do you mean mixed?

      • That’s right. It’s not a 1:1 mix though. There’s just a hint of Rhinox Hide in there. Maybe more of a 6:1 AB/RH mix. So that it’s still very dark, but when the light hits it, it takes on a slightly brown look. I hope that helps.

      • yeah the method is really quick, I was able to cover an entire stormcast in minutes http://imgur.com/gallery/UKKuQ

        It’s not balor blended with white scar, just straight ungor flesh, it’s just simple practice, the reikland dot really sells the pattern, great technique

  2. Some absolutely amazing touches on this guy, especially the various retro trappings! The black flames are very cool, as are the hazard stripes. And that leopard print cape? Absolutely amazeballs!

    I only really have two points of critique here: One, the pteruges (sorry to be a smartass for a second here, but the actual word is “pteruges” or “pteryges”): I don’t really think yellow was the best choice in this case, mostly because it’s so close to the armour trim. I think black or even brown (or blue, if you wanted to go the whole hog re: retro painting) would have worked better and provided better contrast. The other thing I would like to suggest – in order to bring the model even closer to its inspiration – is to add some greyish-white hair stubble to the head. It’s really easy to do, as long as you mix in a teeny tiny drop of the original skin colour and then carefully stipple it on until you’re happy with the effect. It’s a neat little technique that I’ve discovered recently, and I think it would work to great effect here.

    All in all, though, fantastic work! 🙂

    • That would be my bad on the spelling. I should have looked it up rather than just trusting Forge World’s ability to spell 😉

    • All fair points, and good that I’m learning even more about pteryges (I like the look of that spelling because it could be more useful for Scrabble). I ummed and ahhed about the colours for those and I am a fan of the yellow. But fair dos though – not everyone’s cup of tea. Black was second choice and I was even considering doing Black/Yellow alternatives. Trying to keep blue off the palette for the BA until I get to the Devestator units. As for the stubbly head, yeah – may give that a go at some point. Cheers!

  3. Love it dude! …I wonder though is that 2nd Edition box art a John Blanch? The yellow and flames etc are dead on to that photo.

    The Leopard print cloak is from the Epic 40k Armageddon box, Captain Aphael, and that was indeed a John Blanch.

    Anyway awesome stuff!

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