4 comments on “Blood Angels Contemptor WIP

  1. Very nice, have you tried using the Citadel Air range, i have found that the thinness of it makes it really easy to build up thin smooth coats (even if you brushing it on instead of airbrushing. Although i “cheat” these days and airbrush all my reds over a brown preshade, then feather up through to orange the high lights…

    • Thanks for the tip! I don’t own an airbrush myself (certainly nothing against them, just prefer a brush) so I’ve never invested, but if they work well with bristles too, I may take a look into those. Cheers!

      • No worries :), the vallejo model air range of metallics are a joy to use with a brush as well, their “black metal” is like a pre nuln oiled lead bealcher and really good for getting nice lot of contrast into the metal work (pretty much forgo the entire washing stage now on most metal base coating by using that one!). And as they are pre thinned for airbrush it just flows where you want it to go, rarely use non airbrush paint now when i paint.

  2. Looking nice, dude! I added some similar little bits to my BaC Contemptor to wolf it up a bit. A few little touches like that really go a long way toward making it stand out from the basic model.

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