2 comments on “Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

  1. Absolutely awesome work, love the flames on the leg 😀
    If i was being nit pickey the only thing i would add is more hazard stripes; on the power fist or maybe on the fuel canisters of the weapon, but then i have never left the ’90’s and dont mind painting base rims goblin green and have everything fighting on grass, even in the underhive or a spacehulk…

    As for the base i think you have the perfect balance between no effort and equal amounts spent on the base as the mini, personally im a bit sick of seeing squads of mini diorama’s. It looks great on display but a but a bit crap on the table, unless its your table which you have themed to your bases…, nothing jars my immersion more than a squad in ruins according to their bases fighting in a non urban setting (worst offender is snow themed bases in a jungle or desert!). The nice thing to my mind the way you have done it is that it will work just about anywhere you plonk it down 🙂

    Looking forward to the resin! will you be returning to your titan or something altogether new?

    • Thanks! Appreciate all your points – and I know, this fella is a little Hazard stripe light.

      The Titan is glaring at me and soon I may have some progress on that one. But with FWOD only a few weeks away, I’m going to be going considerably smaller than that. But keep your eyes peeled for titan news in the future! 🙂

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