2 comments on “Miniature Focus Special – The Guard of ’95

  1. Good article as usual. I hadn’t actually realised that the Forgeworld Talarns were gone until now, a real shame as they were unique and interesting models. Partly I think that’s why the Guard never really grab me, I got into the hobby late enough that these kits you showcase here were starting to look dated, but they’re still familiar enough to be part of my mental image of how the guard should look – and to be missed. When I think of the Imperium at war I imagine something mixing elements of Steel Legion and Death Korps of Kreig with a little bit of Mechanicum weirdness, a hefty dash of medieval peasantry and a Vostroyan/Mordian officer class gaudily lording it over the grubby masses. Instead we get the Cadians and as you say they’re just a little bit too bland and toy-soldierish to sit with my vision of the grim and grubby insanity of the far future.
    Most importantly, by representing the rank and file, I think these models allow us to see the human element that – for me – makes the Guard compelling. Other races have their impressive training/evolution/technology/muscles to call upon but the Guard ‘are but men’ and must rely on everyday heroism (which is why I much prefer massed ranks of infantry to all those tanks). It may never happen but it would be glorious to see the human face of the guard expanded once again, rather than just adding a new tank every few years.

    • Thanks for the comment. I have to say i love the Death Korps, and it’s great that FW have gone some way to make unique guard kits, but I agree it’s a little sad not to see all of these guys above getting their own multi-part kits. Even sadder that those Tallarn kits aren’t kicking about of the FW site anymore. Still, here’s hoping GW will bring back a bit of variation one day. 🙂


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