4 comments on “Valedrix – 1st Captain of the Mortifactors

  1. Loving the 1st Captain
    You have a way of doing your white/bone?
    I’ll be curious to know … looks great especially with the cracks

  2. Using the Chaplain terminator is no bad thing – it’s a cracking model, you’ve converted it sympathetically, it’s very well painted and it looks the part of the Mortifactors First Captain. Nuff said!
    Glad to see you’re writing your own rules to get around minor issues – being hidebound to the rules in what should be a creative hobby is something I find worryingly stifling – but that’s a rant I could have all day!

    • I know exactly what you mean. I think I’ve finished writing them up but need to get home tonight to check a couple of things (like how to cost him fairly!) and then hopefully they’ll be up on the blog tomorrow. Glad you like the mini too! 🙂

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