One comment on “Two New Tyranids – the shape of releases to come for 40k?

  1. Good article, echoing a lot of my own thoughts. Like you I’m not a big Tyranid fan but I’m still pretty excited about this release. To my mind, although I love physical books, digital codexs/army books are the way of the future. The ability to update each faction at the drop of a hat makes things much more dynamic and seems to make more sense than the traditional 3-4 year (at least) codex cycle.
    From a gaming point of view it keeps each army fresh, you may not be at the top of the tournament tables at the moment but with everything in constant flux your time may soon come around. Plus it forces players to think more tactically, rather than accepting certain dominant tournament-winning armies or units as these will tend to go out of date comparatively quickly.
    From a business stand-point it also works well, driving sales not only by regularly refreshing interest in each faction but also boosting other factions as people buy new units to counter the latest release.
    As for those, like myself, who tend more towards painting and modelling, if my preferred armies receive a wave of 5 or 6 kits once every few years I’ll probably buy 1 of them, and that’s all I’ll be able to afford at the time. If however those releases are drip-fed to me every 6 months or so I’ll probably pick them up as they come out.
    Fingers crossed this is the way Games Workshop plans to go, it could be the start of an exciting new era!

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