4 comments on “Miniature Focus: The Predator Battle Tank

  1. A cool idea – more little expostions please. I never used predators, I tend use devastators in that role with my loyalists (and vindicators for my traitors). But now I’m tempted to add one and discover a little predator magic for myself. D.

  2. My favorite Predator build is still the original. Autocannon plus Lascannon. It can’t take on truly heavy Armour as well as the Annihilator, but it does an excellent job on light-medium Armour thanks to the extra shot, it comes in significantly cheaper, and the extra shot also makes it a bit more useful when you’re just faced with Infantry across the board.

  3. The Dark Angels predator was an objective for the Space Wolves in that batrep, not part of the army. I really like the new FW predators, they have the right amount of nostalgia and fit well scale wise with newer models 🙂

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